Nautical Cottage decorating

My husband, Kevin, and I realized a dream when we took possession of our little cottage on prince Edward Island.

I have a million ideas for exterior fix-ups, but that will have to wait a few years.

The island holds special meaning for me — it’s where my family roots are and as a kid it was our family summer vacation destination of choice. When Kevin and I resumed the island vacay tradition a few years back, he was hooked. then the trolling of started. Fast-forward to July 18, 2011, and closing day arrived on our storey-and-a-half cutie near the north shore beaches where I had spent so many sunburnt summer days. In very short order we completed a mini reno and top-to-bottom decorating in a style Kevin dubbed surf Preppy. now that we are starting to plan our first visit of 2012, I am getting a few ideas for additions to our cottage.

We call our place Whale Cottage because it has a whale weathervane up top. So I kinda need these Moby Shams from Thomas Paul. I’m trying really hard not to overdo it on whale things — we already have a couple.

J’adore Turkish pestemals. These gauzy cotton towels from the Turkish Towel store are perfect for P.E.I. They are way less bulky to cart to the beach than regular terrycloth beach towels. They are big enough to double as a beach blanket, wind break (just tie the fringe around some pieces of driftwood) or be worn as a sarong. Island air is notoriously damp, but these thin woven towels dry faster, too.

When decorating last summer, I searched high and low for the right rattan chairs for our place. The Storsele chair from Ikea ($99) is exactly what I was looking for, but it wasn’t introduced until last autumn. two please.

I am of the mind that one can never have enough tote bags. love the long strap on this one, the Nautical tote ($60) from Lands’ End, one of my favourite secret sources for luggage, cushion covers, bedding, throws and great pet stuff.

Their Lakeland Cotton cable throw ($79) is perfect for chilly nights by our neighbour’s bonfire. It also comes in navy, and there are cushions to match.

At the cottage, you can always use a place to put your feet up, or an extra seat. I love this four Square Boating stripe Ottoman ($300), also from Lands’ End.

I’ll be toting my Dyson hot fan to the cottage for sure. It’s so perfect since it acts as both a heater for cool nights and mornings and a fan for warm muggy summer days. since our place is small, it’s great to have both functions in one machine that I can easily move from room to room.

Last on my wish list is the mysterious iPad3. Rumour has it there’s one coming soon. If so, I must have one for re-watching Downton Abbey downloads and checking out the iPad edition of house & Home. If I get one, this will be its case, the Kenton Sorensen iPad leather portfolio ($200). I’ve had my eye on it at Mjölk for ages.

For more cottage decorating ideas, see our country homes & Cottages Guide.

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